Be on the Cutting Edge in Diabetes Care

Our tools save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your patients.


Better patient

By diagnosing and managing diabetes more effectively, you can help your patients lead healthier, happier lives.


Enhanced patient

Empower patients with convenient testing options and home resources, improving adherence to treatment plans.


Time and cost savings

Time and Cost Savings" please update the sentence to "Streamline your practice with remote patient monitoring and data analytics, saving time and resources.

Explore Our Diabetes Testing Portfolio

Abbott Afinion™ 2

The Afinion™ 2 analyzer enhances patient care by offering efficient, near-patient testing. This compact, multi-assay analyzer eliminates the need to send patients to the lab. It provides rapid results within minutes, enabling immediate discussions about diabetes management with patients.

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HemoCue® Glucose 201 System

Revolutionize glucose monitoring with the HemoCue® Glucose 201 System. This system empowers precise decision-making at the point of care, aiding in diabetes screening, monitoring, and diagnosis. It facilitates better glycemic control and even allows for hypoglycemia detection in newborns.

A1CNow®+ system

The A1CNow®+ system offers healthcare professionals a quick and convenient method for precise A1C testing with a mere fingerstick. It outperforms lab testing, delivering results in just 5 minutes with a tiny 5 µL blood sample.

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The Rimidi Platform

The Rimidi Platform is a versatile disease management tool for various conditions, offering remote monitoring and clinical support. It includes medical devices like blood glucose and pressure monitors, scales, oximeters, and inhalers, enabling better care management.

Elevate patient care with our state-of-the-art diabetes testing tools. We provide convenient testing options and home resources, improving patient adherence to treatment plans.

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